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The new Kunsthalle Mannheim

The Kunsthalle Mannheim has always been much more than a museum. It is a prestige object and a treasure trove, a meeting place and an engine for new things. With the opening of the new building in June of 2018, it gives art in Mannheim a place in the future and promises a brilliant transition between what was, what is and what will be.

City in the city for everyone

Kunsthalle Mannheim, glass ceiling
Kunsthalle Mannheim, glass ceiling © Kunsthalle Mannheim, Daniel Lukac, Rainer Diehl

The new building shines too. In the middle is light, with an imposing atrium forming the core of the new building. Light filled and open, it creates space to breathe, allowing the rest of the universe to shine in through the glass roof. During the presentation of the new building in December 2017, the Kunsthalle presented handpicked works of art by international artists such as William Kentridge, Anselm Kiefer, Rebecca Horn, Alicja Kwade and Martin Honert. From early summer 2018, visitors can experience a who's who of 19th and 20th century art history, with paintings and sculptures by Édouard Manet, Caspar David Friedrich, Camille Pissarro, Auguste Rodin and Alberto Giacometti.
Spreading out from the central atrium, passages and lanes branch off in all directions and lead you along balconies, over bridges and through terraces to the masterpieces that will fill seven exhibition halls in the future. The rooftop garden with its spectacular view of the neighbouring "Wasserturm", the Friedrichsplatz and the "Rosengarten" congress centre awaits you at the top. The new building with the adjoining historic "Billing" building from 1907 fits in perfectly with this unique ensemble. From the huge panoramic windows of the museum, you can enjoy a fabulous view of Mannheim's most beautiful square.

Kunsthalle Mannheim, view of the water tower
Kunsthalle Mannheim, view of the water tower © Kunsthalle Mannheim, Daniel Lukac, Rainer Diehl

"City in the city" is the new concept of the Kunsthalle Mannheim, which bows in acknowledgement to the chequered floor plan of Mannheim's city centre. It is intended for everyone: Mannheimers and foreigners, art enthusiasts as well as those who may just want to enjoy a relaxed afternoon coffee. The Kunsthalle Mannheim is in constant flux - forward-looking and innovative, committed and captivating.

An area of around two football fields has been added, which is a lot but also makes a lot of sense. Because where there is more space, it is easier to create contrasts. The most monumental masterpiece in the possession of the Kunsthalle Mannheim will soon share a space with just one contemporary work. Manet's "The Execution of Emperor Maximilian of Mexico" will have even more impact here. You can literally smell the gunpowder, hear the crack of the muskets and witness the tragic end of the Austrian Maximilian.

Kunsthalle Mannheim, interior view of the gallery
Kunsthalle Mannheim, interior view of the gallery © Kunsthalle Mannheim, Daniel Lukac, Rainer Diehl

The Kunsthalle Mannheim also continues to look ahead online by increasingly acknowledging the modern mentality of the internet age. With the grand opening in June 2018, the specially developed Kunsthalle app will send all important information directly to your smartphone. In the atrium, the futuristic "Collection Wall" is particularly impressive. This giant touchscreen provides a playful insight into the museum's entire collection.

The exterior façade of the building is wrapped in a web of thin wires and tubes. From the sky, the sun colours the building warm gold while the water tower "Wasserturm" is reflected in the windows of the façade as if it wanted to take a look inside the new Kunsthalle Mannheim. And yes: the building shines. Revived and completely overhauled, a new era is breaking for the Kunsthalle Mannheim. As a place of encounter and exchange. In the heart of the city, open to all.

Insights into the new Kunsthalle Mannheim