Mannheim through the eyes of children

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The summer holidays are long over and the outdoor pool is closed now too. Every week, you find yourself looking for new ways to tire your kids out or to find answers for their insatiable desire to learn. From museums to carting, we have put together some tips for you that will give you and your kids plenty to do in Mannheim during autumn and winter.


Learn & discover

Herzogenriedpark & Luisenpark Mannheim

Two classics among Mannheim's most popular destinations for young and old are the Luisenpark and Herzogenriedpark. In addition to the many playgrounds where they can let off steam, kids can get up close to large animals on the farm in the Luisenpark or the petting zoo in the Herzogenriedpark. At the latter, head keeper Niko Xanthopoulos also invites children every Thursday at 2.30 p.m. for an animal walk with a pony or donkey. In bad weather, you can simply pop into the indoor playground in the plant house at the Luisenpark. Here you will find a climbing and skill parcours, trampolines and plenty of sand. At the children's events in the leisure centre "Freizeithaus", kids can learn more about nature and animals. Contact the parks to find out about the latest holiday programmes and events.

Unlike many museums, Mannheim's TECHNOSEUM actively invites visitors to touch and explore the exhibits. Getting excited and making some noise is also fine. The TECHNOSEUM is a living museum, with numerous interactive stations that invite you to get involved. The hands-on exhibitions Elementa 1, 2 and 3 are integrated into the museum and provide a hands-on experience in natural science and technology, with interactive experiments. Another bonus is that your TECHNOSEUM ticket is also valid for the museum ship on the same day.

Throughout the year, the Reiss-Engelhorn museums offer a varied kids and youth programme, designed to reflect the main exhibition themes. For example, young people can try being a mighty Pharaoh or show their skills on the masonry drill or millstone. Contact the museums to find out about the latest special exhibitions and kids' attractions.

Kunsthalle Mannheim
From the grand opening of the renovated Kunsthalle on 1 June 2018, young people will once again be able to let off steam creatively. There will then once again be regular and varied creatively themed events and programmes that tie in with the permanent collection and the special exhibitions. In addition, the "Kunsthalle kreativ für Jugend" youth programme will offer special media workshops with changing themes.



Mannheimer Puppenspiele
In square U2, young people can immerse themselves in a world of their own. Whether well-known stories such as “the Bremer Town Musicians” or something new like "the big Niklas and the little ghost", the puppet show "Mannheimer Puppenspiele" offers fascinating journeys into the imagination during the winter months for children aged 3 and upwards.

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Planetarium Mannheim
Gazing at the stars is not only fascinating for adults. Children are just as fond of imagining their way into distant worlds. Fortunately, that is what the children's programmes in the planetarium are all about. Choose from “Dinosaurs in Space” (from 6 years), “Plant Adventure” (from 6 years), “Where's the Milky Way?” (from 6 years), “Lars the Little Polar Bear” (from 5 years) or “Lilli's Trip to the Moon” (from 4 years).

Capitol Mannheim - Kindertheater Casablanca
For over 10 years, the Capitol has been producing children's theatre shows in-house. On Sundays at 11 a.m., the "Kindertheater Casablanca" regularly puts on shows like "Grüffelo", "the Sams", "Pinocchio" and "The little witch" - well-known stories dressed in imaginative new garb. Exciting and funny - not only for young people.

Junges Nationaltheater
Imagine a monkey in uniform or a bear who is trying to find his own ego. The national youth theatre "Junges Nationaltheater" turns kids and young people into theatre fans with age-appropriate pieces and interactive programmes, such as the stage “Junge Bürgerbühne”. In a variety of clubs, young people learn from professionals how theatre is made and, of course, get to take to the stage themselves.

Freilichtbühne Mannheim
Young people can also get a taste of the stage at the "Freilichtbühne" (open-air stage). Once a week, the kids' group "Halt die Klappe!" practices the different performance skills. Typical exercises include speaking with a cork in your mouth, practicing improvisation, games on the theme of theatre and tongue-twisting speaking exercises. Once a week, the youth group for 14-19 year olds meets regularly. It is also open to aspiring light and sound technicians or make-up artists.


Paletti kids’ and youth circus
If your kids love acrobatics, running around the living room or attempting to juggle plates, then the Paletti kids' and youth circus is the right thing for you. Acrobatics, juggling, unicycle, tightrope on the wire or slack line, trapeze, diabolo and many other circus techniques can be learned here in year-long or summer courses. Training is held in the company's own circus hall in Mannheim, which is located in Pfeifferswörth. Here, kids and young people are transformed into artists every day. In addition, there is much to discover and try out. The family programmes give kids the chance to show what they can do while providing great entertainment for young and old.

Power-Car Motodrom Mannheim
For aspiring car racers, the Power-Car Motodrom has a special offer. Every Sunday from 10.30 a.m. to 2 p.m., junior kart fans aged 8-14 can gain their first experience on speed-restricted racing karts - even without a carting licence or other previous experience. During the holidays, there is an additional special offer: Wednesday to Friday from 4 to 6 p.m., the Motodrom offers rides on speed-restricted karts especially for children.

Eissportzentrum Herzogenried
Wintertime is ice skating time! Just a few steps from the northwest corner of the park, the Herzogenried ice sports centre kicks off the season in mid-October. From then on, Sundays between 10 a.m. 12 p.m. are reserved for family ice-skating, where you can also rent skating aids for the youngest skaters (from kindergarten age up). During the Christmas season, Santa Claus makes an appearance on the ice and hands out small gifts, to the delight of young skaters.

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Extreme climbing centre Mannheim
If your kids can hardly pass a tree without wanting to climb high into its branches, then the climbing centre is just the right thing. In the open climbing club, children from the age of 6 are coached by trainers three times a week. Anyone who is really interested in climbing can also learn all about knots and how to belay other climbers.

Water familiarisation courses at Mannheim's indoor pools
The perfect preparation for the upcoming summer. These 5-week water familiarisation courses are aimed at getting kids between 3 and 5 used to being in and around water. Run by trained instructors, they are specifically designed to prepare kids for a beginner's swimming course. Best of all: the courses are free and offered by all Mannheim's indoor swimming pools. Each October, you can register your kids for courses starting from the following January onwards.

Children's city map

To ensure that even the youngest can find their way around the City of Squares, Stadtmarketing Mannheim in cooperation with GBG Mannheim has developed a special children's city map. Small symbols guide the reader through the inner city of Mannheim using child-friendly landmarks like ice cream parlours or playgrounds with slides, swings and sandpits. The children's city map is available free of charge at the Tourist Information office opposite the main railway station. You can also find it in selected tourist information offices throughout the region as well as in hotels, cultural institutions, kindergartens and schools in Mannheim.

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