Diverse tastes of Mannheim

Turkish lahmacun meets Palatinate "Saumagen". A colourful and varied snack culture meets Michelin restaurants. And for dessert, spaghetti ice cream.

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The influence of the more than 170 nationalities that have made their home in Mannheim doesn't stop at the city's food culture. Sweet and savoury delicacies from the Orient lure food fans to the area around the "Marktplatz". A special attraction is offered by Tas Firini Uzun. The first Anatolian stone oven in Germany can be found in this small snack bakery between Marktplatz and Jungbusch. Whether pide or lahmacun, everything is freshly prepared and tastes delicious. Don't miss the lentil soup, considered one of the best in the city.

Tas Firini Uzun
G5, 12
68159 Mannheim
Tel: 0621 12268610

For fans of Japanese food, the Tokyo Sushi Bar is a top tip. Located in the Q square, in a side street off the street "Fressgasse", the restaurant offers freshly rolled specialties six days a week and attracts sushi lovers from all over the region. Reason enough for two declarations of love to the city: on the menu you'll find the Mannheim Roll and Mannheim Dream.

Tokyo Sushi Bar
Q4, 12-16
68161 Mannheim
Tel: 0621 3365338

Traditional German

Mannheim lies in the heart of the German wine-growing regions, between the Palatinate and the Odenwald. The mild climate with its 1,800 hours of sunshine per year creates a Mediterranean lifestyle. Good wine is just as important as the hearty local cuisine. Both come together in Keller's wine restaurant Keller’s Weinrestaurant. Located in the centre of the city, right next to the "Herschelbad" and the "Mannheimer Abendakademie", it offers a choice of over 40 wines and home-style German cuisine in a typical wine bar atmosphere.

Keller’s Weinrestaurant
U 2, 2 (Am Herschelbad)
68161 Mannheim
Tel: 0621 23677

Mannheim has more to offer than just great wines. With the Eichbaum Brauerei, the city even has its own brewery. In the adjacent "Eichbaum Brauhaus", you can sample a range of different beers and a selection of traditional, home-style dishes. In summer, it is particularly pleasant to sit in the shady beer garden. The Eichbaum boutique offers attractive souvenirs for Eichbaum fans.

Eichbaum Brauhaus
Käfertaler Str. 168
68167 Mannheim
Tel: 0621 35385

Quick & good

Wherever there are lots of students you'll always find a great snack scene. The chic "Lenok's Burger" is centrally located on the square "Kapuzinerplanken" and is a great destination for meat fans. They also offer a large selection of tasty vegetarian and vegan alternatives. If you still have some space left in your belly, check out their shakes: they taste great and, with their elaborate decoration, look fantastic as well.

Lenok’s Burger
N4, 15
68161 Mannheim
Tel: 0621 44597577

Just a few steps further down the road you can enjoy a culinary trip to France. Slightly hidden away is Le Toulonnais in N4, 1. Once you have found it, you can look forward to the delicious gratinated baguettes and fresh salads with homemade sauces, all of which have attracted a loyal following. Especially recommended are the different baguettes and salads of the week.

Le Toulonnais
N4, 1
68161 Mannheim
Tel: 0621 44588668

Sweet & original

If you still feel like enjoying a real Mannheim speciality after all that good food, you should definitely visit Dario Fontanella. In 1969, the "Maestro Gelatiere" invented his famous spaghetti ice cream – until today it remains one of the sweetest seductions in Mannheim.

Eis Fontanella Eismanufaktur
Cafés in O4, 5 und O2, 1 (Paradeplatz)
68161 Mannheim
Tel: 0621 18191616