Mannheim, Neckar



A strong brand for a strong city: MannheimSignet

Brand strategy: the Mannheim brand

Since its establishment, Mannheim has been characterised by people of very different backgrounds. Several centuries ago, the first citizens coming together in Mannheim were from various European countries and cultures. They were able to realise their ambitions and personal goals, and to create a common future. Mannheim has always remained faithful to this open and international atmosphere. Today, people with roots from around 170 nations live and work in the city. They bring with them their own ideas and find in Mannheim the necessary freedom, an authentic environment and a productive atmosphere in which to put innovative and creative ideas into action.

Ingenuity and tolerance are part of the vitality of our city and the basis for our economic and cultural success. Mannheim is the cradle of modern mobility: bicycles, cars, tractors, rocket engines and much more were invented here. Over the centuries, there have been numerous other innovations "Made in Mannheim".

Mannheim has many faces and is therefore attractive to people who value authenticity and pragmatism. The various influences and lifestyles in Mannheim create a productive, multi-faceted structure that ensures dynamism, suspense and surprise.

The central message of the brand captures this spirit in a nutshell: "The future is made in Mannheim". A uniform, modern corporate design and a new marketing tool for professional brand communication have emerges out of this.

With a modern, attractive and inviting visual language, Stadtmarketing Mannheim aims to more effectively reach the tourist target group as well. The goal of tourism marketing is to make the city known as an attractive destination for city and cultural travel and to attract more visitors. To this end, Stadtmarketing Mannheim advertises regionally and internationally at trade fairs, in tourist print media and promotes the city via editorial contributions as well as marketing and social media campaigns.


Stadtmarketing Mannheim has bundled the central elements of the Mannheim brand and the cornerstones of the common communications strategy in the adapted "Manual for Strategy and Communication". With its modern corporate design, Stadtmarketing Mannheim has created a consistent and unmistakable image for the identity of the city and offers a toolkit for the design of urban communication, whether digital or analogue.

Download – CD manual, short version, German