Mannheim, Marketing-Preis des Marketing Club Rhein-Neckar


Success through innovation

Success through innovation: Marketing Prize in the Rhine-Neckar Metropolitan Region 2016

Companies based in Mannheim are constantly finding innovative solutions to the challenges of our time and are among the front runners in international competition. But the best innovations are useless if they remain hidden in ivory towers, laboratories and workshops. Only with the right marketing can they become successful. Stadtmarketing Mannheim understands that too. That is why we provided the central impetus behind the design of the Marketing Prize in the Rhine-Neckar Metropolitan Region.

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“Success through innovation” was the motto of the Marketing Award offered in four categories in the Rhine-Neckar Metropolitan Region 2016.
In cooperation with Stadtmarketing Mannheim, the award was presented at a gala evening with around 400 invited guests on 27 October at the Radio Regenbogen Harald Wohlfahrt Palazzo. The event was hosted in Mannheim for the first time in three years.

On behalf of the Marketing Club Rhein-Neckar e.V., a ten-member jury selected the best of 36 marketing campaigns submitted by companies and agencies across the region.

© Marketing-Club Rhein-Neckar e.V.

For the first time, Stadtmarketing Mannheim awarded the special prize “Innovation through Digitisation”. This went to Rütgers GmbH & Co. KG Kälte Klima.
The jury was impressed by the launch of the rütgers:care monitoring systems. This is an innovative system that facilitates the maintenance and repair of refrigeration and air conditioning plants. Preparations for the 6th Marketing Prize saw the birth of both the Allee der Innovationen (“Alley of Innovations”) concept and the special prize.

The interplay between the award ceremony and the opening of the exhibition focused on Mannheim’s potential as an innovation location. The event thus helped to strengthen the image of Mannheim in the eyes of the public as a modern, innovative city with impressive economic power.