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Things to do on a short break in Mannheim

Whether for three hours, three days or a long weekend, Mannheim is always worth a visit. Top attractions, easy access to nature, cultural and shopping highlights - there’s plenty to do, even if you’re only here for short time.

Main attractions

In a city where everything is within easy reach, you will find something to interest you around every corner. Even if you only spend a few hours in Mannheim, you will be spoiled for choice. There’s so much to see and experience here. These tips will give you an overview of Mannheim’s top attractions and show you how much you can do in just a few hours.

Culture & shopping

One day in Mannheim is never enough: but try to fit in as much as possible. If you love culture and shopping, then you should head straight for the city centre. After the Mannheim ‘must-sees’, such as the water tower and the baroque palace, it’s just a few minutes’ walk to the heart of the shopping area and the city’s multifaceted cultural landscape.

Leisure activities

Relaxing in one of the city’s many green spaces, experimenting in the interactive museum, taking a short timeout or enjoying a cocktail in the hip creative district – why limit yourself to just one experience? With our insider tips, it’s easy to plan your individual itinerary during your stay in Mannheim and enjoy a range of leisure activities.

Experiencing nature

After visiting Mannheim’s top attractions, you may appreciate spending some time relaxing in the natural environment that surrounds the city. Even in the heart of Mannheim, you’re never far from nature. The best way to experience it is on another Mannheim invention: the bicycle. So take advantage one of the many rental bikes and get ready to explore.

6 - 8 hours

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