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Mannheim: City of inventors, business location and a city with heart and urban flair. Whether you are studying, founding a startup, looking for a job or have already found one - Mannheim is the perfect place to live and work. Start your future now and become part of Mannheim!

People from around 170 nations make the city an inspiring place. Not without reason have innovations and success stories been launched here for centuries. Just by way of example, the bicycle, car and tractor all first saw the light of day here. The electric elevator was also invented here, as was - more prosaically - the spaghetti ice cream. These are just a few of the inventions that were discovered in Mannheim. What would the world be without them?

Mannheim's spirit of ingenuity lives on. Real doers live here, realising their ideas with passion. That's why the city still has the edge today and regularly tops the number of start-ups in Germany. Leading multinationals, a broad range of small and medium sized enterprises including well-known traditional companies and an active start-up scene ensure a well-balanced structure of sectors in a powerful business environment and excellent future prospects in Mannheim. All that is no coincidence. Mannheim offers ideal conditions to grow economic power and innovative spirt alike. Thanks to its central location in Europe and excellent infrastructure, Mannheim and the region are easily accessible and well connected - by road, rail and water.

In the region, innovators are not only able to find strong business partners, but also an excellent university and research landscape. Studying in Mannheim is a sure path to success. In addition to the University of Mannheim, the city boasts nine other higher education institutions and an exceptionally diverse education and university programme. A close network of advisory services and offices, such as the Mannheim Start-up Centres, also help to encourage entry into self-employment and promote innovative ideas on the ground. The city's multicultural, cosmopolitan and international environment opens up diverse perspectives for innovative solutions and a lot of creative potential. Be part of it and shape your future today.

Mannheim is more than a perfect place to work. There is always something going on in the city. Jazz festival, poetry slam, art exhibition or party: you can find something new to do every day. The recreational opportunities on offer here are as diverse as the city. Immerse yourself in the nightlife of Mannheim and experience the charm of the "City of Squares". Whether shopping on a Saturday afternoon, cycling along the green banks of the Rhine or dancing in the "UNESCO City of Music", there are many ways to make Mannheim your own.