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Many talented young people come to Mannheim. A city where they can lay the foundations for their future, where the air is occasionally perfumed with a delicate scent of chocolate. A place where they can treat themselves to a spaghetti ice cream in the summer and ride their bikes along the Rhine. Because Mannheim is a city that shapes the future. Here, creative minds are given free rein, not slowed down.

© Kunsthalle Mannheim, Rainer Diehl, Daniel Lukac

In the immediate vicinity of the watertower "Wasserturm" is the Benz monument. This is made up of a large stone relief and a bronze cast of the first ever three-wheeled motor car in memory of its inventor, Carl Benz. This true originator moved to Mannheim from Karlsruhe in 1871, and spent his life here developing and realising his ideas.

Just around the bend, in the direction of the shopping area "Planken", is the home of another world first, which caused a sensation in art and literature. The "New Objectivity" style shaped an entire period of art from 1925 onwards, starting with a much acclaimed exhibition at the "Kunsthalle Mannheim". Even today, the Kunsthalle Mannheim retains its objective, sober and straightforward appearance. The modern new building, with exhibition rooms connected by bridges, terraces and a roof garden, creates its own little microcosm: a "city in the city".

Mannheim, C-Hub
Mannheim, C-Hub © Stadtmarketing Mannheim GmbH, Daniel Lukac

Although Mannheim may not immediately spring to mind as a city of inventors, you can sense it when you are here. A pervasive „anything is possible“ atmosphere inspires and motivates. And Mannheimers are doers: highly pragmatic and down-to-earth, yet at the same time super innovative. So it comes as no surprise that Mannheim has given birth to so many firsts.

Not only the car, bicycle and even spaghetti ice cream were invented here. The first ever bio-supermarket in Germany, the home blood glucose meter, one of Europe's largest and best district heating networks and even the TÜV standards organisation all come from Mannheim. Alongside innumerable other inventions and innovations, they have ensured global recognition for the Made in Mannheim concept.

C-HUB Kreativwirtschaftszentrum Mannheim
C-HUB Kreativwirtschaftszentrum Mannheim © Stadtmarketing Mannheim GmbH, Daniel Lukac

In Mannheim's district Jungbusch, countless creative innovators work on realising their ideas in start-up centres. Sited directly on the connecting canal, this is the best platform to gain a foothold in Mannheim. One reason for the city's dynamism and spirit of innovation may be that it lies on two rivers. Full steam ahead for everyone. There is some sense in this, especially as the "Mannheim Act" was finally signed here in 1868 - the ground breaking international agreement for free shipping in Europe. Even if the water here in Jungbusch does not flow as fast as it does in the Rhine or Neckar, many good ideas spring up in Mannheim's creative minds.
Constant exchange with other founders, creators and start-ups offers the ideal springboard for energetic people who want to make a difference. Everyone comes from a different regional and thematic place. There are many networking events here, where it is easy to start up a conversation and be inspired by the experiences of others. And, of course, to talk about your own as well.

Success made in Mannheim

Perhaps it is the diversity in Mannheim is known for, that gives inventors, innovators and founders the necessary tailwind to drive their ambitions. And so their ideas take root and turn into success stories that spread ripples across a wide pond. If you consider how much history has already been written here in Mannheim, then there is no better place to start, develop and become your own dream. Who knows? Maybe you too will write history here soon. Success made in Mannheim.

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