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The music scene in Mannheim is quite competitive, even on an international level. The fundament for this is the "Mannheim Model", which connects big players in the music buissness with small start ups and the art scene. 10 years after the inception of the "Mannheim Model", in 2014, the United Nations awarded Mannheim the title "UNESCO City of Music".

Mannheim boasts a degree of musical variety that is normally only found in the world's largest metropolises. Mannheim is a melting pot of numerous musical influences, which define the city's unique music scene. Techno, Jazz, Pop and Indie — music is eclectic and international in Mannheim. Festivals such as Enjoy Jazz, Time Warp, and Maifeld Derby offer musical highlights for every taste. Internationally renowned artists frequently visit Mannheim and draw crowds from all of Europe.

In 2004, Mannheim laid the foundation for this success story with the unique "Mannheim Model", connecting the music business with start ups and the art scene. The Mannheim Music Commission, the Pop Academy Baden-Württemberg, and the Musikpark Mannheim form this unique support network for musicians in Mannheim.

Mannheimer Philharmoniker
Mannheimer Philharmoniker © Mannheimer Philharmoniker

At the same time, the tradition of classical music lives on in Mannheim. In the 18th century, the "Mannheim school" paved the way for classic concert symphonies and informed the modern orchestra sound.

Today, the Academy for Music and the Performing Arts and the Electoral Palatinate Chamber Orchestra carry on the legacy. With the Mannheim Philharmonic Orchestra, the city has one of the youngest professional orchestras in all of Europe. The "Nationaltheater Mannheim" is one of the most important stages in Germany. Schiller and Mozart played important parts in its history.

In 2014, the UNESCO recognized the exceptional musical significance of the city. The world's most important cultural institution introduced Mannheim to the Creative Cities Network and awarded the title "UNESCO City of Music" — an honor that Mannheim shared with only 7 other cities worldwide back then.