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Mannheim - greener than ever

The Bundesgartenschau 2023 (National Garden Show 2023) is already beautifying Mannheim today, where an extraordinary landscape park is taking shape in the middle of the city. Small initiatives and major attractions are being created – you can look forward to something special.

Sit in the middle of a green space, let your gaze wander over the water: green, as far as the eye can see. Or explore the area by bike, enjoy the tranquillity or simply follow the pretty path to quickly get to the city centre. Where barracks stand now, an extraordinary piece of nature is blooming. For the National Garden Show, which will take place in the summer of 2023 across a large expanse of the current Spinelli military site and part of the “Feudenheimer Au”, even more recreational areas and green places are being created. You can see and explore them right now, as they are being developed. Here, biotopes are being networked, existing habitats for animals, plants and people improved, and gardens and greenery created in the city.

Under the motto “Mannheim connects”, the National Garden Show 2023 paves the way for the green corridor in the northeast of the city. By the summer of 2023 a new, continuous open space will have blossomed from the Luisenpark across the Neckar and on to the Vogelstang lakes. The currently separate parks are being upgraded and connected with each other. This will create a single green sward between the neighbourhoods, and a coherent green corridor that will provide the city with fresh air.

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The centre of the National Garden Show 2023 is intended to be the “U-Halle” on the Spinelli site. With its 22,000 square metres, what is probably the largest hall in Mannheim used to be a hub for military equipment and goods of all kinds. It is now set to become an open oasis. A fascinating mixture of culture, sport and nature also awaits you here.

Whether skating, cycling, jogging or just relaxing and enjoying nature, the new green spaces invite you to exercise and linger. On the grounds of the National Garden Show, semi-natural bodies of water with a viewing platform will be created. Here you can enjoy a stunning view over the Rhine plain to the Odenwald forest. And best of all, even after the National Garden Show has ended, the site will remain as part of the city’s green corridor.

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