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Bike Tours through Mannheim and the Region

Mannheim is a wonderful place to explore by bike. The city is also the perfect starting point for excursions into the surrounding area. Cycle to the summer residence of the electors in Schwetzingen or to Heidelberg’s old town or medieval Ladenburg. If you are really sporty, you can get all the way from Mannheim to Villingen-Schwenningen in the south of Baden-Württemberg along the Neckar Valley Cycle Route.


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Supraregional routes

The Neckar Valley Cycle Route

Ride along the beautiful Neckar, past meadows, fields, forests and imposing castles and palaces. Through rock gardens, moorland, the Odenwald forest, along steep vineyards – the diversity of nature here leaves nothing to be desired.

But there is also a lot to discover culturally: historical towns and cities such as Rottweil, Tübingen, Nürtingen, Heidelberg, Dilsberg Castle, Zwingenberg Castle and Mannheim Palace invite you to travel back in time.

Running right through Baden-Württemberg, the Neckar Valley Cycle Route offers all these attractions and more, with the Neckar river always by your side. The cycle path even has an award to its name: It won the Bike&Travel Award in the category “Best river bike tours 2019”.

The Neckar Valley Cycle Path runs 410 km from Villingen-Schwenningen to Mannheim, where the Neckar flows into the Rhine. For the most part, the trail leads you along well-maintained field and farm tracks far from the regular traffic. You rarely need to use a side road. The route is virtually free of climbs and is accompanied by rail and boat services almost the entire way. Overnight accommodation such as hotels, guesthouses, holiday flats or campsites are plentiful along the route.

You won’t need to go hungry on your tour along the Neckar either – the Neckar Valley Cycle Route boasts plenty of good restaurants, cafés and beer gardens along the way.

Tip: Divide your route into stages. For example, you can cover one stage by bike, one by S-Bahn (regional train) and one with a romantic boat trip.

Duration: 8 Tage
Distance: 368 km
Type: one-way / in stages

Rhine Cycle Route

The Rhine Cycle Route is suitable for cyclists of all fitness and ability levels. It follows the course of one of Europe’s longest rivers, from the Swiss Alps to the North Sea. Accordingly, you should allow plenty of time if you want to cycle the route from start to finish. Besides Mannheim, the route passes through a number of interesting cities such as Basel, Strasbourg, Cologne and Rotterdam.

Further information about the Rhine Cycle Route

The „Burgenstraße“ Cycle Route

The Burgenstraße (Castle Road) leads from Mannheim to Bayreuth. The route takes in an impressive variety of natural and cultural landscapes. There are both flat river valleys and climbs that reward you with great views. Along the way, castles, palaces and historic towns are just waiting to be discovered.

Further Information about the "Burgenstraße" cycle route

Bicycle Rental

VRNnextbike in Mannheim
VRNnextbike in Mannheim © VRNnextbike

You don’t even need your own bike to go on these and other bike tours. You can rent a VRNnextbike at numerous stations in Mannheim. This is simple and easy to do via the app and you can return the bike at any convenient station.

If you want to make a long-term commitment, you might be interested in the swapfiets offer, which offers bike rental on a monthly basis. swapfiets also takes care of any repairs and provides you with a replacement bike free of charge.

Thanks to the low fees and free maintenance, VRNnextbike and swapfiets can be a sensible alternative to buying your own bike.

Bike-friendly accommodation in Mannheim

© Jodie Louise,

There are currently two hotels in Mannheim city centre and one leisure centre in the Herzogenried district that have been certified with the “Bett+Bike” award by the German Bicycle Club (ADFC). They offer special deals and services to cyclists, e.g. a lockable room for storing bikes or the provision of a basic repair kit.

Accommodation in Mannheim with “Bett+Bike” certification: