Atmospheric Advent


  • Meeting point (recommendation): Entrance to the Jesuit Church, A 4
  • Price: 105 € for groups up to 25 persons


  Distance   Duration
3 km 2 h
Starting point of the tour

Jesuit Church Mannheim

Since the 7th century, Christians have been preparing for the feast of love in the four weeks leading up to Christmas. Whether at court, among the bourgeoisie or the working class, in times of peace or war – Advent has always been celebrated, everywhere. Your tour guide takes you to the Advent of the past and shares interesting stories to inspire a contemplative mood in the run-up to Christmas. The tour starts at the magnificent Jesuit Church and then heads in the direction of the baroque palace to complete the baroque church ensemble by taking in the “Schlosskirche”. The route spans a harmonious arc, bringing you back to present-day traditions and Mannheim offers.


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