Welcome to Mannheim! A great place to be

Mannheim has much more to offer than a funky regional dialect! If this is news to you, then maybe it's time to visit the city and find out for yourself. History has been made here - and we are busy shaping the future too.

Mannheim is hard to put into words. It is a city with endless things to see that demands to be experienced with all your senses. It is as diverse as the many names with which people have tried to describe it: the city of squares with the famous water tower and extensive art nouveau district. A university city with a Baroque palace. A city of trade that is home to one of the most important inland ports in Europe. A city of inventors and a cradle of mobility. UNESCO City of Music with its pop academy, music college and Mozart connections. A city of drama and happenings, with the world's oldest municipal theatre. The ice hockey city that has been German champion seven times. A city that has always initiated beginnings, with brains, heart and huge potential.

Mannheim is where all roads come together. Centrally located with excellent connections in all directions - whether by car, ship or train. The air here not only smells of chocolate but crackles with a zest for life. Full of contrasts, often underestimated - far from being a bland picture-perfect idyll. Because Mannheim is all about life: pulsating, down-to-earth and dynamic. Open, committed and authentic, thanks largely to the people from over 170 nations who have made their homes here. Manheim is where you roll up your sleeves, get down to work and let nothing get you down. Where people chat and laugh together, support each other and welcome newcomers.

Ask the people in Mannheim what attracted them to the city and you'll get a lot of different answers. The great location, the many career opportunities, the high quality of life, the excellent shopping. The city between the rivers Rhine and Neckar is always an experience and leaves nothing to be desired - from bargain basement to high luxury, simple to extravagant, everyone will find precisely what they are looking for.

Young or old, you'll never be bored here. Lively neighbourhoods demand to be discovered, as do our city parks and the nearby countryside. Fine dining and small cafes alike invite you to linger and enjoy. National and international superstars are regular guests on Mannheim's famous concert, arena and festival stages. At the same time, new talents are promoted, shaped and comprehensively supported - Mannheim is a breeding ground of creativity. Global companies feel just as much at home here as small startups with big ambitions. Singles and families, students and professionals choose Mannheim as a place to build their lives. Why? Because in Mannheim, life becomes an experience, around the clock, 365 days a year. Mannheim. A secret powerhouse whose energy and vitality are constantly being rediscovered. Don’t let it pass you by.