Swimming In Mannheim: Where To Cool Down On Hot Summer Days

In summer, Mannheim is a real paradise of lakes, outdoor pools and great places to swim and bathe. Whether close to the city centre or surrounded by nature, the city of squares offers plenty of opportunities to cool off and have fun in the water. Here are some of the most popular bathing locations in Mannheim.

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The Neckarstadt district is a paradise for young and old. The centrally located and easy to reach Herzogenriedbad is Mannheim’s largest open-air pool. It features lovely sunbathing and play areas, a water slide and a paddling pool for children. A diving pool with a diving platform and various springboards let you show off your skills or simply have fun jumping into the water.

Address: August-Kuhn-Straße 25, 68167 Mannheim

Find out more at schwimmen-mannheim.de

Freibad Sandhofen

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The Sandhofen outdoor pool has a charming historical flair. As the first outdoor pool in Mannheim’s suburbs, it still offers both a large swimming pool and a non-swimmers’ pool with crystal-clear water. A children’s pool for the little ones and a wide water slide complete the offer and guarantee a perfect summer’s day. The heated pools are also ideal for swimming and splashing around on slightly fresher days.

Address: Kalthorststraße 43, 68307 Mannheim

Find out more at schwimmen-mannheim.de


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Deep blue in colour and surrounded by trees, the Stollenwörthweiher lake can be found in the Niederfeld district. On the western shore, the “Sommerbad am Stollenwörthweiher” has a large meadow for sunbathing and having fun, a beach volleyball court and a kids’ playground with slides and a climbing frame. On the southern shore, the “Heinz-Hunsinger-Sommerbad” offers 25,000 m² of additional space for sun worshippers, a children’s pool and a non-swimmers’ area.

Good to know: there is a large car park serving both swimming areas, where you can park free of charge. The tram stop “Stollenwörth” is also right nearby.

Sommerbad am Stollenwörthweiher”: Promenadenweg 4, 68199 Mannheim
Heinz-Hunsinger-Sommerbad”: Rheingoldstraße 204, 68199 Mannheim

Rheinauer See

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The Rheinauer See (Lake Rheinau) forms a small natural oasis and lies in the middle of the recreational area between Mannheim-Rheinau and the neighbouring town of Brühl. It's a great place to have fun in the water, swim lengths or simply sunbathe on the lovely lawn, but you can also take courses in wakeboarding, water skiing or diving. The lake is divided into different zones. So whether you just want to splash about, swim seriously, fish or simply enjoy the natural environment, you'll find a spot.

Address: Frobeniusstraße 22, 68219 Mannheim

Vogelstang See

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Another popular swimming spot is the Vogelstang See (Lake Vogelstang), which actually comprises two small lakes. Swimming and bathing is only permitted in the lower Vogelstang See. This lake in the northeast of Mannheim is not only appreciated by ambitious divers – the lake’s inviting beach is guaranteed to put everyone who fancies escaping from everyday life into a holiday mood. You can reach the lake from the city centre by public transport in about 30 minutes. And while you sink your toes into the sand, you also have a particularly good view of the Vogelstang skyline.

Address: Vogelstang See, 68309 Mannheim