Experience the city in bloom: Spring walking trails in Mannheim

Spring has arrived in Mannheim - so it’s high time to get out into the sun and soak up the first warm rays of the year: the perfect time for a relaxed walk. Here are the city’s three prettiest walking routes.

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As varied as Mannheim itself – this walk from the “Stephanienufer” to the “Waldpark” offers delightfully varied scenery. There is the deep blue Rhine, along whose banks you can take a relaxed stroll while ships make their way towards Mannheim harbour. Then there are the sprawling meadows that invite you to rest and picnic while the sun twinkles through the branches. And there is the forest area with its towering trees and winding paths. From March to April, the air is full of the scent of wild garlic, which grows and thrives here magnificently.

The Waldpark is best entered at the end of Speyerer Straße in the “Lindenhof” district. If you fancy strolling along the banks of the Rhine, choose one of the entrances to the Stephanienufer in the middle of Lindenhof and then keep left.

Distance: approx. 2 km // Duration: approx. 30 min from the Stephanienufer to the end of the Waldpark
Access: Speyrer Straße, Lindenhof, or access along the Rheinvillenstraße, Lindenhof.


It’s just like being on holiday in the countryside. As soon as you plunge into the green of the trees, the sounds of the forest surround you. The trees tower far into the sky and the varied paths – sometimes wide and hardened, sometimes narrow and covered with foliage – invite you to enjoy an extended walk, especially with children. In total, there are eight circular walking trails of various lengths in the Käfertal Forest, with options from 4.4 km to 10.2 km giving you plenty of choice.

If you take the “Wasserwerkweg”, for example, you can enjoy the most beautiful corners of the Käfertal Forest in an hour and a half, including the wildlife and deer enclosure, the historic Mannheim waterworks and an active beekeeping facility. Orientation is provided by the small yellow “4”, which is painted on the trees alongside the path and leads you through both tiny paths and spacious avenues. Other routes will enable you to discover the colourful “Vogelpark” (bird park), various football fields or a fitness trail – making the huge forest a great destination for families in particular. The way to access the Käfertal forest is at the end of the Karlsternstraße in the “Gartenstadt” district. There’s always plenty of parking available.

Distance: 5.0 km // Duration: approx. 1.5 hours (circular route)
Access: end of Karlsternstraße, which can also be reached by bus 55 (get off at “Eschenhof”)


In summer, the meadow that runs alongside the banks of the Neckar is a popular meeting place for Mannheim residents, and it’s easy to see why. The view you get from the wide expanse of green couldn’t give you a more beautiful or authentic panorama of the city of squares. In the distance to the right, you can make out the colourful containers and cranes of the Mannheim harbour. To the left, the television tower points far up into the blue sky, while behind you rise the three famous high-rise buildings that characterise Mannheim’s skyline.

From the “Alter Messplatz”, it is just a few short steps down to the riverbank. Keep following the paved path and after a while you will bear left up to the Collini footbridge. From here, you have a wonderful view over Mannheim and the Neckar and can enjoy feeling the fresh, clear spring air on your face. You now have a choice. You can either continue your walk on the other side of the Neckar, directly along the riverbank, or go back to the “Neckarstadt” side. No matter which option you choose, the route extends for miles, until you finally reach Mannheim’s television tower. This walk is a real treat, especially at sunset, when the sun reflects red and gold off the surface of the Neckar.

Distance: 1.5 to 2.0 km // Duration: approx. 30 minutes for the easy route.
Access: Alter Messplatz