A true shopping experience: 4 unusual shops in Mannheim

Anyone who knows Mannheim knows one thing: our city is truly extraordinary. This also extends to the shops. 

© Unsplash

A journey into childhood: The Steiff Store

A business that inevitably makes every child’s and adult’s heart beat faster is the Steiff store in the heart of the squares. Venture inside and you are sure to arouse nostalgic cuddling impulses. Spread over two floors, a huge range of cuddly toys with the famous “button in the ear” fill the shelves. The high-quality and timeless stuffed animals, invented over a century ago by seamstress Margarete Steiff, take you straight back to your own childhood. They are available in hundreds of exotic and classic designs.
Alongside elephants and giraffes, bears and koalas, camels and kangaroos, the Steiff Store also offers clothing, shoes and toys for the little ones. 

Adress and further info: Q5, 14-22, 68161 Mannheimwww.steiff.com

African handwork in the Jungbusch district: The Sboutiful Pop-Up Store

The pop-up store Sboutiful started in a typical courtyard in Mannheim’s Jungbusch district. Since then, it has popped up in many places. Founder Asmaa Sbou works with numerous young African designers. She brings — what she calls — the fresh African spirit to Europe, at the same time supporting the young creatives and offering them a platform to present their work. The Kenyan clothes, jewellery from Zimbabwe or the pretty handbags from South Africa are all handmade and thus always unique. A great deal of value is placed on local, sustainable and fair production in sourcing the wonderful, unique pieces in Sboutiful.

More info: www.sboutiful.com

With a love of detail: L'art pour L'art

© L'art pour L'art

Art for art’s sake – that is the motto of this pretty shop in the Neckarstadt district. The fact that owner Zeljka Lucic undoubtedly has an eye for detail becomes immediately obvious as you enter the shop at the start of Lange Rötterstraße, from the Alter Messplatz, and discover the many beautiful objects: garlands of fine paper, filigree earrings and chains, colourful porcelain, hand-tailored clothes or even postcards with delicate drawings on them. All the products are made by over two dozen artists, whose work you support with your purchases. If you are looking for a special gift for a friend or for yourself, you should definitely visit L’art pour L’art.

Adress and further info: Lange Rötterstraße 4, 68167 Mannheimwww.lart-pour-lart.net

Good for people and for the environment: Eddie’s - packaging free shopping

Already known in many places, the “unpacked” concept has finally reached Mannheim too. With Eddie’s, owner Eduard Justus has done the “Schwetzingen Vorstadt” district in particular a great favour. But making the extra effort to hunt out this store will definitely repay you. In the bright and modern ambience, you can find everything your heart desires: from lentils and seeds, cereals and oat flakes to pasta and rice, flour and sugar, oil and vinegar, spices, coffee and even shower gel and soap. To transport the products, simply bring a container with you or purchase one cheaply, direct from Eddie’s. Not only can you precisely weigh your required quantities but you are doing nature a good turn at the same time. All the products come from fair, organic cultivation and buying at Eddie’s is both sustainable and produces no plastic waste either.

Adress and further info: Seckenheimer Straße 21, 68165 Mannheim | www.unverpackt-mannheim.de