The New "Best Of Mannheim": Salmon - Kohlrabi - Shiso

For our new “Mannheim Menu” series, 2-star chef Tristan Brandt has created a straightforward and original starter inspired by the city’s ubiquitous water, congenial down-to-earth character and intercultural international flair.

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© Stadtmarketig Mannheim GmbH, Sebastian Weindel

From the 6th floor of the Engelhorn fashion house, you can enjoy a wonderful view of the city, across the rooftops to the water tower, which stretches up to the sky between them. Down in the hustle and bustle of the streets, visitors take a stroll through Mannheim’s main shopping district or indulge in some retail therapy. But high above them, up on the 6th floor of the flagship Engelhorn store, something very special awaits you: the open kitchen of the OPUS V restaurant, led by Germany’s youngest two-star chef Tristan Brandt.

With his young team, Brandt conjures up gourmet cuisine of the highest standard but with a refreshing simplicity. As Chef de Cuisine, he is responsible for OPUS V as well as Le Corange and the Faces Lounge in the same building, and the adjacent Coq au Vin brasserie. Effortlessly combining the flavours of the world using local and international ingredients, Tristan Brandt has already established a firm place for himself at the top of the gastronomic tree.

© Stadtmarketig Mannheim GmbH, Sebastian Weindel

For his starter “Salmon – Kohlrabi – Shiso”, Brandt has woven a ribbon between the two worlds of earth and river for our Mannheim menu. He prefers to do without flowery descriptions for his dishes, and rightly so. With Tristan Brandt, the spotlight always shines firmly on the three delicate stars: the main ingredients.

Even a seemingly crude vegetable like kohlrabi becomes an engaging attraction on your plate. The green tuber with the mild taste, which is a fixture of Mannheim’s gardens and kitchens, is regarded as typically German. Cut into wafer-thin slices, it is the perfect accompaniment for Mannheim’s most popular fish: salmon.

© Stadtmarketig Mannheim GmbH, Sebastian Weindel

The fish has just as much tradition here as the kohlrabi. One of Mannheim’s most important arteries, the Rhine was the most significant salmon river in Europe for many centuries. Today, although fewer salmon take the fish highway through Mannheim on their way to Greenland or back to their birthplaces, salmon is still a welcome guest.

Shiso rounds off the culinary triad featured in Tristan Brandt’s starter. The Japanese herb turns out to be a real jack-of-all-trades in taste. Closely related to basil and thyme, it is used in Asia as a popular herbal remedy for all kinds of complaints. As an ice cream, it not only gives Brandt’s starter the international touch omnipresent in Mannheim, but also its special kick.

If we have succeeded in arousing your curiosity, we invite you to try your hand at creating this special dish – Tristan Brandt has shared with us his enticing recipe for “Salmon – Kohlrabi – Shiso”.

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