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Simple, Good, Urban: The Big City On Your Plate

From airy heights to rediscovered tubers: Michelin-starred chef Dennis Maier from the Emma Wolf restaurant serves pigeon, Jerusalem artichoke, corn and hemp seed as the main course of the Mannheim menu.

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© Stadtmarketig Mannheim GmbH, Sebastian Weindel

In the basement of Mannheim’s chic Q 6 Q 7 complex, hungry shopaholics can expect something very special: Emma Wolf since 1920 – Germany’s first Michelin-starred restaurant in a shopping mall.

Devoid of pomp, frills or even tablecloths, head chef Dennis Maier has hit the bull’s eye in Mannheim with his “Finest Bistronomy” concept. With an open kitchen that is larger than the actual seating area for a manageable 25 guests, the restaurant is minimalist, industrial and yet still manages to be cosy. The concrete walls and bistro seating create a fantastic ambience. Only shortly after opening at the end of 2016, Dennis Maier and his team succeeded in garnering a coveted Michelin star. His love of cooking was inherited from his grandmother, Emma Wolf, who’s name he took for this very special restaurant.

© Stadtmarketig Mannheim GmbH, Sebastian Weindel

Dennis Maier is the young wild one among Mannheim’s starred chefs. A genuine “Monnema Bub” (Mannheim lad), he is creative, innovative and bold in his cuisine, combining powerful tastes with delicate flavours without wasting time on distractions. Nonetheless, he loves to chat. With his podcast “Kau und Schluck” (chew and swallow), he gives an entertaining insight into the world of culinary peaks and troughs alongside chef Chris Nanoo, who hails from Aschaffenburg in Bavaria. So it’s no surprise that the dishes served in “Emma” are just as straightforward and direct as Dennis Maier.

© Stadtmarketig Mannheim GmbH, Sebastian Weindel

For the Mannheim menu, he brings the metropolitan character of the city of squares perfectly to the point and onto the plate. The star of the main course is pigeon – a distinctive resident of the city who adorns our squares and serves as a popular photo motif on the Marktplatz or the Gruppello pyramid on Paradeplatz. Dennis Maier pairs the bird with nutty Jerusalem artichoke, the vitamin-rich and low-calorie super tuber. This distinctive vegetable reached Mannheim in the 17th century, via the European seaports and the Rhine, before being pushed out by the more popular potato. Since then, the Jerusalem artichoke has re-emerged as a regional insider tip. It comes from the roots of a type of sunflower, and is thus a perfect match for our sun-drenched city.

© Stadtmarketig Mannheim GmbH, Sebastian Weindel

Within the composition of the main course, the delicate corncob creates a bridge between the airy skies and the primeval earth. Presented as a soft corn foam, it is combined with a mash of hemp seeds to delicately complement the bird and the artichoke. What does the connoisseur say? Mouthfeel is the key to good eating and this is present in abundance in this striking dish.

If you would like to try this main course for yourself, here’s your chance. With Dennis Maier’s recipe for “Pigeon with Jerusalem artichoke, corn and hemp seed” you’re sure to succeed. We wish you lots of fun preparing your version of this stunning creation.

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