Contrasting Intermezzo: Ravioli With Mediterranean Potato Filling

It's the ultimate Italian-Mannheim melange: tenderly melting ravioli, fine notes of rosemary and oregano, hearty kale and a touch of Sardinian luxury. For the intermediate course of our Mannheim menu, Michelin-starred chef Gregor Ruppenthal has combined the best of German and Italian cuisine.

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As the sun dips to kiss the waves of the Rhine, discerning gourmets happily turn their steps in the direction of Speicher 7 in Rheinvorlandstraße. Because they know that this is the perfect place to celebrate Mannheim’s savoir-vivre. Charmingly situated in a former granary on the banks of the river, Restaurant Marly has matured into one of the top addresses of German gastronomy. The name of the restaurant pays homage to the famous Café Marly in Paris under the arcades of the Louvre.

That artistic echo can be clearly heard in this Mannheim institution. In the 40 square metre kitchen of the Marly, chef Gregor Ruppenthal juggles the rich aromas of French traditional dishes with other culinary cultures from Asia, Germany and Italy. Traditional and modern, classic and yet contemporary – individually combined with handpicked ingredients and a great deal of dedication.

© Stadtmarketing Mannheim GmbH, Sebastian Weindel

Mannheim and Italy are just as inseparable as Marly and French haute cuisine. The Italian migrant workers who came here from the mid-1950s brought not only their language with them but also pasta, mozzarella, risotto and other stars of the Italian culinary firmament. This intermediate course of “Ravioli with Mediterranean potato filling, fried kale and grated Bottarga” is both a bow to these migrant workers, whose history has had such a lasting influence on Mannheim, and an expression of Chef Ruppenthal’s mastery.

Pasta dough, potatoes and butter form the down-to-earth foundation of this dish. These foods were staples of the first generation of Italian migrants. As wonderfully soft ravioli — small cushions of potatoes you feel you could snuggle up with — they are enwrapped in a mantel of delicate oregano and rosemary aromas. The perfume of these classic Mediterranean herbs is juxtaposed with the traditional winter vegetable of the north: kale. Crispy deep-fried, it provides a delicately surprising mouthfeel and gives the mineral-rich regional superfood a new shine.

© Stadtmarketing Mannheim GmbH, Sebastian Weindel

We in Mannheim also like to indulge in a touch of luxury, which we work hard to afford. That is why thin flakes of Bottarga complete this stunning Italian-Mannheim pasta creation. The dried fish roe from the mullet, known as “Sardinian caviar”, lends the dish an exquisite flavour.

We strongly recommend that you try your hand at recreating this recipe. To help you on your way, the Maître de Cuisine offers you this professional tip by way of a greeting: For smooth, elastic pasta doughs like these ravioli, it is best to use only egg yolks. Reserve whole eggs for pasta such as spaghetti, which should have more bite.

Now you too can become a pasta professional and an expert in Mannheim’s savoir-vivre.