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Crowning Finale: "Mannheimer Dreck" Mousse

Other than its cousin, the gingerbread, the unique "Mannheimer Dreck" is enjoyed all year round. Used as the basis for the new dessert creation by Michelin-starred chef Norbert Dobler, this culinary speciality from the city of squares is the current king of local desserts.

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© Stadtmarketig Mannheim GmbH, Sebastian Weindel

No visit to Mannheim is complete without sampling "Mannheimer Dreck". To the uninitiated, this may sound strange at first – especially when you consider that “Dreck” translates as “dirt”. But when we speak of “Mannemer Dreck” in the local dialect, we are talking about the affectionately named macaroon biscuit that has virtually become one of our main sources of nourishment. Spicy, fruity and softer than the usual gingerbread, this traditional delicacy is made from nuts, spices, candied orange and lemon peel, sandwiched between wafers and then coated with a thin layer of chocolate.

Norbert Dobler himself can look back on a long tradition in Mannheim too. As Chef de Cuisine at Dobler’s, a local institution that can be found at Seckenheimer Straße 20, he puts his heart and soul into the renowned restaurant alongside his wife Gabriele – and for almost two decades, his culinary expertise has been honoured with a Michelin star.

© Stadtmarketig Mannheim GmbH, Sebastian Weindel

In Dobler’s classically chic ambience, eager gourmets are only too happy to meet at the white-covered tables to indulge in Mediterranean-inspired culinary delights and to celebrate “savoir-vivre”. Typical offerings include fresh fish and seafood from France as well as regional vegetables from the local market. The short menu is carefully crafted and ambitious, surprising guests with unusually harmonious taste combinations and, above all, with outstanding aromatic sauces.

True to form, Dobler anoints his unique "Mannheimer Dreck" mousse with a blood orange reduction. This lends a delightful kick of freshness to a dessert that the master specially devised as the icing on the cake of his Mannheim menu. The wintry and sour-tinged citrus fruit not only perfectly complements the meltingly velvet mousse in terms of flavour. Packed with vitamins, the colour spectrum of the reduction spreads from golden to ruby red – and red also happens to be one of Mannheim’s city colours.

© Stadtmarketig Mannheim GmbH, Sebastian Weindel

Dobler’s creation thus tastes of the city of squares in every respect and impresses Mannheim friends and strangers alike. As Joy Fleming used to sing: Mannheimers can do without many things – but not without their “Mannemer Dreck”. Transformed into a wonderfully fluffy mousse, it is not just a treat for the palate and the perfect conclusion to our Mannheim menu, but it will also round off any meal for your family and friends. That’s a promise!

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