The scent of coffee in the squares: Mannheim wakes you up

If you can’t get through the day without your daily dose of caffeine, Mannheim not only wakes you up but offers an especially delicious start to the day. The city of squares has a long coffee tradition. There have been coffee roasters in Mannheim since the beginning of the 20th century – here we introduce you to some of them.

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Kaffee ist euer Lebenselixir? Ihr sucht nach dem ganz besonderen Kaffeegenuss? Dann seid ihr in Mannheim genau an der richtigen Adresse, denn die Quadratestadt hat eine lange Kaffeetradition.

Schon seit Beginn des 20. Jahrhunderts gibt es in Mannheim Kaffeeröstereien — wir stellen euch hier einige davon vor. 


  1. Helder & Leeuwen
  2. MOHA
  3. Lauri
  4. Agáta

Helder & Leeuwen coffee roasters

It all started with a drum roaster in the Mannheim squares. Thanks to increasing enthusiasm and demand for their creations, the coffee roasting company Helder & Leeuwen soon moved into larger premises in the Mannheim harbour park. Since then, they have not only continued to roast with passion but have also imparted valuable coffee knowledge to interested participants in their seminar rooms.

On 23 March 2018, Helder & Leeuwen even brought the German Roasters Guild for the Cupping Stock Exchange to Mannheim. In the meantime, you can not only enjoy their exciting blends, from sweet to strong and tangy at Café BRUE in the Q 6 Q 7 mall, but also at their own newly opened café at N3, 15.

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MOHA coffee roasters

In the immediate vicinity of the Marktplatz, coffee lovers will find the MOHA coffee roasters. They take great pride in their labour-intensive but gentle production method, using the classic drum roasting process. You can choose between 30 espresso and coffee varieties during a visit to the MOHA shop in F2, 8. The range of flavours extends from mild-sweet to strong-spicy, chocolate-nutty or aromatic-floral.

By the way, “Feinschmecker” also recommends a visit: in 2108, this gourmet magazine rated MOHA as one of the best coffee roasters in Germany.

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Lauri coffee roasters

At Seckenheimer Straße 31, visitors to the Lauri coffee roasters are welcomed with the fragrant scent of coffee that fills their senses as they enter the small café in the Schwetzingerstadt district. No wonder, because the premises feature a large roasting machine, which is in full operation every Friday and Saturday. If you walk through to the back room, by which the café has been extended, you can also catch a glimpse of the large coffee sacks into which the freshly browned beans are filled

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Agáta coffee

One of Mannheim’s youngest coffee roasters is located in the Neuostheim district of the city. Especially the students of the Cooperative State University Mannheim benefit from its proximity to their campus. Every day, they happily head to the Agáta in the Coblitzallee 8 to sample the freshly roasted beans as cappuccino, latte macchiato or in some other form. To ensure the best taste, the Agáta’s owners team up with coffee growers from a variety of countries dedicated to the cultivation of speciality coffees. The beans they produce have a unique taste profile thanks to the microclimates in which they grow, before being gently roasted at the Agáta in Mannheim.

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