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Business Start-Up In The Squares

You have an idea that you are burning for and want to share with others? You want to create a start-up and launch your own business? Then you have come to the right place in Mannheim: eight business incubators and various coworking spaces, free advice centres, a great start-up community and financial support programmes are all here waiting for you.

Good Advice Is Easy To Come By

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Before you can really get started, you should first seek some professional advice. To do this, you can contact the city of Mannheim directly or the gig7 business incubator in square G7. Further consulting organisations include the DTW German-Turkish business centre in U6 and the centre for start-up consulting and business development “Pro Social Business” in F4. With the so-called “Exi-Gründungs-Gutschein”, you can take advantage of a business start-up consultation provided by the state of Baden-Württemberg. At the Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK), you can also benefit from a free initial consultation on the subject of self-employment and request an information package directly online, which contains important information on subsidies for setting up a business.

You Are Young And Need The Money

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There are two support programmes in Mannheim that will help you financially when starting your own business. The KREATECH grant programme specialises in small businesses in the creative industries and technology sector. It offers financial support of at least 1,000 and a maximum of 20,000 euros. Also of interest is the “Beteiligungsfonds Wirtschaftsförderung Mannheim”, which provides finance to start-ups during the first five years after their foundation – offering grants of at least 50,000 up to a maximum of 200,000 euros.

After that, you’ll start looking for the optimal workplace where you can network and become part of the community. The eight business incubators in Mannheim are the perfect starting points.

Take our test or read the next section to find out which incubator best suits your needs.

Das richtige Gründerzentrum für Dich

MAFINEX Technologiezentrum Mannheim
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How about the state-of-the-art and completely glazed MAFINEX Technology Centre Mannheim in Lindenhof? If you feel at home in the IT and technology sector, you’ve come to the right place. Situated in the Lindenhof district of the city, this business incubator has a total area of 7,800 m² and brings together around 60 companies. The coworking space “bauteil.b” offers you the opportunity to work in a relaxed and creative atmosphere, rent meeting rooms and network with like-minded people.

Of course, the UNESCO City of Music is also home to its own dedicated music business incubator. The Musikpark Mannheim is located in the trendy Jungbusch district, right next to the Popakademie Baden-Württemberg. If your heart beats for music, you’ll feel right at home. The companies located here represent the entire value chain of the music industry, from merchandising to booking and promotion. By the way, the Musikpark is the first and only music business incubator in Germany.

C-HUB Kreativwirtschaftszentrum Mannheim
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The C-HUB Creative Business Centre is located just one bus stop away from the Musikpark. The ultra-modern and bright building offers coworking spaces (in DOCK3) as well as meeting and workshop rooms. Whether it’s a film production company or a full-service advertising agency, creative professionals from all sectors are welcome here. Directly next door, St. James provides for your culinary needs while PORT25 offers “space for contemporary art”.

The German-Turkish business centre, or DTW for short, is located in the heart of the squares. It is targeted specifically at entrepreneurs of Turkish origin. In addition to the option of renting an office with excellent facilities, the DTW also offers seminars, further training, support for start-ups and the advisory services mentioned above. In this way, it provides the perfect conditions for you to get started in self-employment in the multicultural city of Mannheim.

gig7 is a business incubator especially for women. Female entrepreneurs are given excellent advice, trained in workshops and warmly welcomed to coworking spaces. There is also the “Women in Tech” support programme, which aims to inspire and motivate women to conquer the male-dominated world of technology. Successful female entrepreneurs from various tech fields are available to help and support anyone interested in starting her own business.

The “Textilerei” can be found in square C4. This business incubator for fashion and textile businesses offers ideal working conditions for people with an affinity for fashion who are looking for office space, advice and workshops, as well as access to industrial machinery for producing their articles. In the retail shop of the Textilerei, you can also try out what it feels like to send your newly founded label out into the world.

CUBEX 41 is the right address if you are a medical technician. Here you can get future-oriented support and advice from professional teams in the field of medical technology and work with them hand in hand. CUBEX41 is located on the premises of the Mannheim University Hospital, enabling you and the users of your technologies to easily and quickly exchange ideas. 

Altes Volksbad
The Altes Volksbad Creative Centre in the Neckarstadt West district takes a different direction. This listed former swimming pool is the perfect place for creative people from the fields of photography, design, animation and the media to experience coworking, networking and self-employment. Offices of various sizes as well as meeting rooms, a seminar room and broadband IT are available across a total area of 1,200 m².

Working Together Is Easier

Mannheimer, Startup Erfolgsgeschichten
Mannheimer, Startup Erfolgsgeschichten © pexels

Alongside the business incubators, which are dedicated to helping you gain a foothold in the world of start-ups, the city of squares has a number of other coworking spaces. Located in the Jungbusch district’s most colourful rear courtyard, you’ll find the Raben-Engel-Odenwälder agency community, for example, where you can rent bright and inviting conference rooms, offices or your own desk. Also located in Jungbusch is Ponderosa Coworking. This communal office space with the pretty name is currently home to photographers and musicians in particular.

If you would like to become a part of one of the business incubators or want to secure a place in one of the coworking spaces, simply email the respective contact person. Briefly explain what you want to do and your idea, and nothing will stand in the way of successful working and networking.


Mannheim Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Mannheim Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation © pexels

If you want to link yourself to Mannheim’s start-up scene independently, you can join one of the numerous Facebook groups. Current news, exciting events and interesting lectures await you at the Mannheim Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation (MCEI), on the official Facebook site of Startup Mannheim or in the Facebook group for Mannheim start-ups.

Open, curious and determined – this is what characterises the start-up scene in Mannheim. Because the facilities and support are so good, more and more start-ups are choosing to settle in the city of squares to take advantage of the excellent connections and the many opportunities on offer. Regardless of whether you want to found your own start-up or just get a taste of the start-up business, Mannheim has a great deal to offer. Simply contact one of the eight business incubators or apply for a job in a start-up. Come and let yourself be seduced by this thriving start-up scene.