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If you choose the city of squares as your home, you will certainly not be disappointed. There is always something musical and cultural going on here, and there are hip and modern cafés on every street corner. We’ve put together some tips to help you find a place to live and to decide which part of Mannheim would suit you best.

Paradeplatz © Daniel Lukac

With a population of more than 300,000 made up of people from over 160 different nations, Mannheim is not only the second largest city in Baden-Württemberg: it is also wonderfully diverse, lively and colourful. A big city, a metropolis in which you can feel at home, characterised on the one hand by unpretentious authenticity and on the other by multiculturalism. With 17 city districts – the majority of which are located close to the water – and a city centre laid out in a grid of squares, Mannheim is the metropolitan region’s most important city.

The only thing you need to make Mannheim your new home is the right place to live in the right part of town for you. We’ve put together some tips to help you find the ideal apartment and show you which part of Mannheim would suit you best. We also provide you with information about the latest construction projects and activities in Mannheim.

Around The Squares

© Stadtmarketing Mannheim GmbH, Daniel Lukac

Laid out in squares, Mannheim’s city centre is bordered by several distinctive districts.

Trendy Jungbusch, for example, which is often mentioned in the same breath as the city centre, is the former harbour district and is dominated by Wilhelminian-style houses and Mannheim’s liveliest nightlife. Students and young professionals in particular have made this part of the city their home, with its numerous bars and clubs as well as the famous Pop Academy.

The Neckarstadt East and West districts are also popular. The Neckarstadt as a whole boasts numerous charming cafés and small shops. In addition, the rents are comparatively low. This lively part of town is dominated by the Alte Messplatz, the Capitol, the Alte Feuerwache and the meadows along the Neckar river, which are particularly popular in summer.

Lindenhof Rheinpromenade
Lindenhof Rheinpromenade © Stadtmarketing Mannheim GmbH, Ben Van Skyhawk

The charm of the Schwetzingerstadt is also known throughout Mannheim. The many young families and students living here can find everything they could possibly want in this district: supermarkets, schools, cafés and restaurants. As well as an ‘unpackaged’ shop, small fashion and furnishing boutiques, a coffee roastery and a traditional bakery, the district is characterised by its greenery and beautiful buildings, which give the Schwetzingerstadt its French flair. Directly adjacent is the Oststadt, one of Mannheim’s most popular but also most expensive districts, with its beautiful Wilhelminian-style villas and proximity to the Luisenpark.

To the west of the main railway station and slightly apart from the hustle and bustle of city life is the tranquil Lindenhof district. Situated directly on the Rhine, it enjoys great popularity among all sections of the population who prefer a quieter atmosphere. It offers living space in all price categories. Cosy and close to nature, you’ll find everything you need for your daily life here.

Small Town Charm In The Big City

Seckenheimer Wasserturm
Seckenheimer Wasserturm © Lochbühler Aufzüge GmbH

If the Lindenhof lifestyle appeals to you, then you may also be interested in the areas surrounding Mannheim. With their historic centres, Sandhofen, Seckenheim and Wallstadt all exude small-town charm. It’s the same story in Gartenstadt, with the added advantage of being right next door to the Käfertal forest.

These were just some of the 24 districts of Mannheim, but they all have one thing in common: they have excellent public transport connections and you can reach the city centre in no time at all.

There is one exception: Straßenheim. Officially part of the Wallstadt district, this charming settlement is surrounded by fields and farms. No buses or trains run here. A breath of country life in the middle of Mannheim!

Modern Living Space For All

© Ben Van Skyhawk

being completed right next to the main railway station. This ultra-modern complex will include student apartments, classic apartments, spacious offices and, in the near future, the Hilton Hotel.

More generally, the city of Mannheim is investing in progress, the creation of living space and new construction projects, as can also be seen from the Glückstein Quarter. Five townhouses are being built here in the Lindenhof district, next to the new Technical Town Hall. Not only are they close to the district’s restaurants and shops, they’re also just a few minutes’ walk from the main railway station. Apart from offering the chance to rent modern apartments, Glückstein will also include a variety of office spaces and restaurants.

FRANKLIN © Alexander Münch

The HOMERUN development is currently being built on the site of the former Turley barracks in the Neckarstadt Ost district. Ideally located, this large residential area will enable contemporary living in the heart of the city. The Turley development comprises a variety of residential and building forms, ranging from terraced houses and the “Punkthaus” with its two- to four-room apartments, to the maisonette apartments or tower penthouses of the “Quattrohaus” – all with lots of green spaces in between.

The FRANKLIN Mannheim project is similar and yet a little different. On the site of the former Benjamin Franklin Village, a new urban district is being built with a variety of living spaces: single-family and two-family houses, semi-detached and multi-family houses as well as leisure facilities, shopping facilities and schools. FRANKLIN’s investors and builders are particularly keen to ensure that the living spaces remain affordable.

A Heart For Students

Studierende im Ehrenhof
Studierende im Ehrenhof © Universität Mannheim, Stefanie Eichler

Compared to other major cities, life in Mannheim is inexpensive. In addition to the low cost of living, the city also benefits from comparatively low rents. They are only about half the level of prices in Stuttgart or Frankfurt and roughly correspond to the average rental costs across the whole of Baden-Württemberg.

Because Mannheim lives up to its reputation as a major student city, there are numerous halls of residence and a flourishing market for shared apartments. You can find offers and requests about shared housing in the Facebook group of the University of Mannheim in particular. However, the student residences spread right across the city also offer you not only affordable accommodation but a great way to mix with your fellow students. The halls of residence in Jungbusch, Ulmenweg and Schwetzingerstadt are especially popular. The Student Union will be happy to provide you with more information.

© Christian Buck

Away from the student residences, you can find what you are looking for by searching the conventional accommodation portals in Mannheim. You can also visit the website of the GBG Mannheim housing associations. They often have interesting offers for renting and buying properties. There’s also a page with FAQs about deposits, tenancy agreements, tenancy certificates and detailed answers.

We wish you every success in your search and welcome you home!