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The Freshman's Guide

Studying abroad, living in a new city — what could be more exciting? The university town of Mannheim let's you explore countless legendary pubs and bars, attend fascinating events and meet lots of new people. We want you to have a nice and easy start as a student in Mannheim. That's why we have compiled this guide for you.

Notify the authorities

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First of all, you should let the registration office know that you moved to Mannheim. You can do this at the Administrative Office for Citizens in K7, 68159 Mannheim. They will also deregister you from your old place of residence if your previous domicile was in Germany.

We suggest you make an appointment online.

Don't forget to bring your ID, your registration form, and the so called "Wohnungsgeberbestätigung". That's a form to be filled out by your landlord.

All forms we mentioned are available for download here.

Every household in Germany has to pay a television and radio licence fee. Currently, it's 17.98 € per month — regardless of the number of people living in the household. You can sign up here.

Getting around Mannheim

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At the Administrative Office for Citizens, you can also claim your student ticket. It's totally free if you're a new citizen in Mannheim. Another way to get the student ticket for free, is to purchase a subscription to the „Mannheimer Morgen“, a local newspaper. If you're enrolled at the University of Mannheim, you can purchase your student ticket at one of the ecUM Terminals on campus. You can only pay with your ecUM card, so make sure it's loaded with enough money. The ticket will be printed onto your ecUM card

Sounds complicated? Or maybe you're studying at a different institution? Well, you can simply buy your student ticket at Mannheim Central Station or online. The student ticket let's you use all trams and busses as well as the "S-Bahn", the "Regionalbahn" (RB), and the "Regional-Express" (RE) everywhere in the territory of the "Verkehrsverbund Rhein-Neckar" (VRN) — except for the Western Palatinate.

If you'd rather explore the city by bike, you can use VRN's bicycle rental service VRNnextbike. They have bike stations everywhere in Mannheim. The annual subscription fee is 39€ for student ticket owners.

privileges as a student

As a welcome gift, every freshman at the University of Mannheim and the Hochschule Mannheim gets a book of vouchers. It contains coupons for various shops, museums, restaurants and clubs in Mannheim. The local cinemas "Cinemaxx" and "Cineplex" offer student discounts on Wednesdays.

If you're mad for sports, the University of Mannheim's Institute for Sport offers free sports courses, for example, yoga, Zumba®, boxing, and tennis. They also run a gym in D2. Every student can use if for a small fee.

If outdoor sports is your thing, you should definitely check out "Sport im Park". Several times a week, sports minded people meet at Mannheim's "green places" for joint physical exercise. Note: the "Sport im Park" season ends on 23 September 2018.

Experience Art and Culture

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If you're into independent films, you should visit the "Odeon" and the "Atlantis". Both art house cinemas are important venues during the annual International Film Festival Mannheim-Heidelberg in November.

While "Odeon" and "Atlantis" don't have sneak previews, the "Nationaltheater Mannheim" actually has a "theatre sneak", which you shouldn't miss. Four times per season, you can watch brand new plays for 5€.

The "Kunsthalle Mannheim" is also worth a visit, especially after the grand reopening in June 2018. Marvel at the works of classical painters, photographers, and sculptors. Experience and ponder exciting, modern installations.

By the way, the "Kunsthalle Mannheim" is located next to Mannheim's most famous landmark, the "Wasserturm" (water tower).

Discover Mannheim's trendy places

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Need some fresh air? Check out the "Neckarwiese" (the meadow on the bank of the Neckar river)! It's a great place for barbecuing, picknicking, sunbathing, or simply enjoying the sun. On the other side of the river, you'll find the „OEG City-Beach“, where you can experience a real holiday feeling. Dig your feet into the sand and enjoy some cocktails.

The "Schillerplatz" behind the library in A3 is another green oasis in the middle of the city. There you can find "Fräulein Schiller", a beautiful café with regular lunch specials and perhaps the best quiche in town. You should also stop by at the "Café Vienna", which actually is more like a pub than a café. The inexpensive meals and drinks as well as the quaint atmosphere make this a very special place — and one that's extremely popular with students.

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If you need a break from studying at the library, you can check out "Café Sammo". Both of them. They are located in B1, 4 and in A3, 7 respectively. "Café Sammo" is said to have the best coffee and snacks in town.

In the evening, you should visit the Jungbusch district, which is Mannheim's former redlight district. Here you will find a great number of bars, pubs, and also some restaurants. Whether you want to go for some delicious cocktails, tasty craft beer, home-made burgers, or vegetarian cuisine — Jungbusch is the right place.

And finally... a must for every student are the Schneckenhof parties! Look here for the party dates.