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Childcare in Mannheim

Whether kindergarten, crèche or day-care centre, Mannheim offers a comprehensive range of childcare facilities. We have gathered all the important information for you here. After all, childcare needs to be carefully thought through and planned well in advance.

Finding Childcare Offers

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Run by the city of Mannheim, the online “Kita-Finder” makes it easy for parents to get started with this topic. It lists all the day care facilities in Mannheim – from the city centre and the squares to the Oststadt and Schwetzinger districts, all the way out to Seckenheim or Vogelstang. You can sort your search not only by location, but also by age, care offer and institution. Depending on your preference, you can choose from a wide variety of options: all-day care and regular childcare (with or without extended morning opening hours), day care centres, school childcare and playgroups, as well as integrative or special pedagogical care. For the latter, you will find the right contact at the Special Educational and Counselling Centre.

Municipal Childcare Offers

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The quality of childcare in Baden-Württemberg is well above the national average. In studies, the state ranks among the very best, and the ratio of skilled staff to children is also excellent. Mannheim is no exception. The high quality of childcare is meant to ensure as close a relationship as possible between the pedagogical specialist and the child.

But even that wasn’t good enough for us in Mannheim! As early as 2010, the Mannheim municipal council introduced a fee reduction for the third year of kindergarten. In 2018, this was extended to the second kindergarten year. From September 2019 onwards, there will also be a fee reduction for the first kindergarten year. In many cases, this actually means that attending a municipal day care centre for children will be completely free of charge!

You can find a current summary table of fees here.

Extensive Offer

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However, the childcare offer in Mannheim is not restricted to municipal facilities. Whether you are looking for a Catholic, Protestant or Muslim institution, or a Waldorf kindergarten – you’re guaranteed to find the ideal place for your child.

If you are interested in child day care aside from kindergartens, crèches, etc., a child-minder might be of interest to you. In this case, childcare is carried out by a permanent caregiver and is characterised not only by a high degree of flexibility, but also by individual, family contact. For example, childcare can take place either at the child-minder’s home or in your own home. It is important for you to introduce yourself in advance to the Child Day Care Service. Costs depend among other things on the extent of the care and the number of children per family.

Admission To The Childcare Registration System

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One thing applies to all parents without exception: it is obligatory to pre-register with the “Servicestelle Eltern” of the city of Mannheim. To do this, you will need the form “Formulare zur Aufnahme in das Meldesystem Kinderbetreuung (MeKi) der Stadt Mannheim” – this can be found for example in the crèches or kindergartens, at the citizen services or directly at the service point. You must submit the form at least six months before the start of childcare. You can specify up to three facilities of your choice. Places are allocated by the respective institution or organisation.

By the way: if you need further information on childcare or individual specialist information, you will be in good hands at the service point in Q5, 22. Here you will find an answer to all your questions and the Service Centre staff can always be reached by telephone.