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Mannheim's economic power

Mannheimers are real doers. Not for nothing is the city one of the most attractive business locations in Germany. A major city since 1896, Mannheim today is an important industrial and commercial centre. Whether global players or hidden champions, excellently positioned Mannheim companies and research facilities make the city one of the country's strongest economic and industrial locations. The economy is booming in Mannheim. Here beats the heart of the seventh largest urban conurbation in Germany - the Rhine-Neckar metropolitan region.

Mannheims Global Player

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As a business location, Mannheim is always close to the top of official rankings. This is partly due to its excellent infrastructure. A central location in the heart of Europe and good connections to all traffic routes, such as motorways, railways and waterways as well as its proximity to the airports in Frankfurt and Stuttgart, make Mannheim a popular location for major international companies. If you are looking for a job in Mannheim, visit one of our global players.

Hidden Champions in Mannheim

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Mannheim is an economically powerful location with a bright future. The density of successful companies based here is growing steadily and is simultaneously strengthening the city's economy. Alongside multinational corporations, there are also numerous emerging, mid-sized companies, such as Fuchs Petrolub and Pepperl & Fuchs, which operate worldwide.