Mannheim Menu: The City of Squares Interpreted by Four Michelin-starred Chefs

Mannheim’s top gastronomes provide a culinary interpretation of the city of squares in a 4-course menu that you can cook for yourself.

© Stadtmarketing Mannheim GmbH

What dish is typical of Mannheim? This is not a question that can be easily answered – after all, our city is synonymous with culinary diversity. We took this as an opportunity to ask the people who should know: Mannheim’s Michelin-starred chefs. Even then we were met with questioning expressions. But they got their pans out and gave their creativity free rein.

Tristan Brandt, Norbert Dobler, Dennis Maier and Gregor Ruppenthal have each given us their interpretation of the city of squares in their own unique way. We were there with our cameras and watched the chefs at work. The result is 4 videos, 4 recipes and, of course, a great 4-course menu that you can try cooking yourself.

Have fun watching and cooking!