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Archaeology fans, art lovers, tinkerers and star-gazers take note: check the opening times, take your curiosity with you and head off to one of Mannheim's many museums. Whether deeply hidden treasures of Vietnam, masterpieces immortalised on canvas, a historical paddle steamer or the Milky Way - Mannheim's museums will awaken the instinct of discovery in you. Guaranteed. History, art, technology and the sky from new perspectives - this is what Mannheim's museum landscape offers.

© Kunsthalle Mannheim, Daniel Lukac, Rainer Diehl

For fans of art and architecture, a visit to the Kunsthalle Mannheim is a must. With its spectacular new building, it creates entirely new spaces for art - and as a "city within the city" opens up new perspectives on Mannheim. Founded over 100 years ago, it is nationally and internationally renowned and houses one of the most renowned civic collections in Germany. Marvel at masterful works by Manet and van Gogh or the outstanding "Screaming Pope" by Francis Bacon.

In the Kunsthalle Mannheim there are not only paintings to see, but also sculptures, installations and photographs. The spectrum of the collection ranges from late classicism to art nouveau and European modernism. What many people don't know: in 1925, the term "Neue Sachlichkeit" (New Objectivity) was coined here in Mannheim for an entire art epoch.

Reiss-Engelhorn-Museen Mannheim
Reiss-Engelhorn-Museen Mannheim © Stadtmarketing Mannheim GmbH, Achim Mende

With their exhibition halls, the Reiss-Engelhorn Museums form their own lively museum district in the heart of Mannheim's city centre. Here, visitors immerse themselves in worlds of experience ranging from early human history to art and cultural history to contemporary photography. In the fields of archaeology, world cultures and photography, the rem is one of the most important exhibition houses in the whole of Europe. The foundation stone of the top-class collection was laid in the 18th century, in Mannheim's so-called first golden age, by Elector Carl Theodor. The attractive special exhibition programme repeatedly attracts international attention, as does the museum's collection focus on the art and culture of Ancient Egypt.

Technoseum Mannheim
Technoseum Mannheim © TECHNOSEUM

If you thought museums were places of peace and reflection, you got the wrong impression. In the "Technoseum Mannheim" technology enthusiasts can get hands-on with the past - participation is expressly desired. You can actively follow the technological, social and economic changes of the past 200 years at numerous experimental stations. How do you build a bridge without it collapsing? What does a bat have to do with your car's parking aid? The "Elementa" future workshop will make you smarter when it comes to understanding and experiencing science. The historic paddle steamer moored on the Neckar is also a museum ship and exploration laboratory for nautical fans in one. If you are more of a landlubber, then take a look at the John Deere Forum. Filled with tractors, combine harvesters and shredders, this exhibition of machinery will take you deep into the world of agricultural engineering.

© Stadtmarketing Mannheim GmbH, Hyp Yerlikaya

Stars and starlets await you in their thousands at the Planetarium Mannheim. Treat yourself to a trip to the moon or a walk across the Milky Way in one of Germany's oldest planetariums. The lifelike starry sky will enchant you in a form that can only otherwise be seen in very dark places or from outer space.

There is plenty of contemporary art on show in Mannheim's galleries. In the "Forum Internationale Fotografie", "Galerie Zephyr" or the "Altes Volksbad", you can enjoy a wide variety of works, from paintings by regional artists to minimalist photographs by international greats. Once a year, the Rhine-Neckar Gallery Association invites you to the "Short Night of the Galleries" event, where art lovers can catch a first, exclusive look at the latest masterpieces of the art year. Compressed in one place over an entire weekend: during the Mannheim gallery days, galleries present their artists in the "Mannheimer Kunstverein".