New Culinary Discoveries: Mannheim is a great place to eat

In recent months, the city of squares has been enriched by numerous delicious new locations. Here we introduce you to some of our Mannheim favourites, where you can find pretty much anything you fancy eating. From tofu and vegetables to pork and beef, whether casual or chic – Mannheim really does offer something for everyone.

© unsplash

Fundament / Neckarvorlandstraße 17

With the arrival of “Fundament”, Mannheim and the Jungbusch district recently acquired a new high-class location. Kai Wienand, founder and renowned chef, serves unusual variations on regional cuisine in a chic old building and arranges them on the plate like works of art. The resulting interplay of colour, texture and composition is a treat for both the palate and the eye. This “certain something” is reflected not only in the modern interior of the restaurant, but also in the unusual names of the dishes. Creations like “Jerusalem artichokes in structures” or “Baklava Mannheim style” testify to the creativity and innovation that has shaped the city for centuries. The freshness of the produce is very important in Fundament, so the menu varies constantly and you are sure to find something new to delight you, whether for lunch or dinner.


Die Fette Wutz / N6, 3

A must for meat lovers. As you enter “Die Fette Wutz” in the N6 Passage in Mannheim, you know straight away that you have come to the right place. In the restaurant, which looks like a stylish butcher’s shop with its long, tiled counter, large windows and vintage interior, the theme is definitely pork, beef, chicken and ox. Whether as juicy ribs, for crispy sandwiches or generous platters, the meat is cooked in its own smoker with fragrant wood for up to 16 hours at low heat, which produces a perfect consistency and harmonious aroma. The icing on the cake is the renowned range of different craft beer varieties – because what better to enjoy with grilled and smoked meats than a cold beer? “Die Fette Wutz” works exclusively with high-quality products from the region – and you can certainly taste the difference.


Maloik – Bar & Grill / H7, 30

Jeff and Phil, the founders of “Maloik”, have united their love of good food and music in the UNESCO City of Music Mannheim. Behind the dark red shop façade in square H7 and the motto “Pan-American cuisine and proper drinks” hides a real insider tip. Choose from juicy bacon cheeseburgers with crispy sweet potato fries, spicy Cajun-style gumbo stew, “chilaquiles” fried and deliciously filled corn tortillas – and many other culinary treats. If you are in the mood for dessert, try the deep-fried PBJ sandwich with vanilla ice cream or the US classic root beer float in the cosy, quaint atmosphere and linger a while longer to enjoy the good music.


Burrito Baby / D4,5

“Burrito Baby” has finally made it out of Berlin and into Mannheim. On the colourful menu, every dish sounds more appealing than the next and the choice between delicious burritos, tacos and quesadillas is very difficult. Vegetarians and vegans, who often look in vain for anything interesting to eat in a standard Mexican, have plenty to choose from too. This makes the restaurant something very special. Just a few steps away from Mannheim’s Paradeplatz, Burrito Baby is an ideal place to enjoy a lunchtime break with delicious, healthy food and a homemade fizzy drink in the airy, industrial-style restaurant.