The Mannheim Nature Tour

The nature tour takes you on a cycling excursion through the countryside, accompanied by the chirping of birds and the sound of the river. The route leads along the Rhine promenade into the Mannheim Forest Park and the Reißinsel nature reserve.


If you fancy cycling in the countryside and enjoy the prospect of a leisurely ride along gravel paths with birdsong and the sound of the river, this is the tour for you. The starting point is Mannheim Baroque Palace. From its main courtyard, a road leads you directly through the palace park down to the Rhine. At the Stephanienufer, as it is called, you can pedal in complete relaxation and allow your bike to take you directly along the banks of the Rhine almost by itself. On your way, you will pass the Lindenhof district, where it’s easy to find a shady spot for your picnic under the old trees that line the promenade.

Almost unnoticed, the Stephanienufer then merges into the extensive Waldpark, whose paths lead you either directly along the river or through the middle of the lush floodplain forest. There are benches along the paths with views over wide meadows or flowing water, inviting you to linger before continuing along the Bellenkrappen – a branch of the Rhine – in the direction of the lido. There you will find not only extensive sunbathing and play areas, badminton courts and barbecue sites, but also the PURiNO restaurant. Before heading back to Mannheim, you can fortify yourself here while enjoying a view of the water and then head back towards the city of squares through idyllic natural surroundings.