With Bertha Benz through the city of inventions


  • Meeting point: Benz Memorial
  • Price: 150 € for groups up to 25 persons (costume tour)


2 h
Starting point of the tour

Benz Memorial, Mannheim

More than 130 years ago, Carl Benz changed the world when he invented the first automobile with a combustion engine. Starting at the Benz Memorial, you will hear the exciting story of how this invention came to be and why it was a woman, who made the first long distance trip, proving the serviceability of this snarling and rattling vehicle. This tour will also touch on the topic of people's reactions and misjudgements and why Mannheim is sometimes called "the city, where wheels learned to walk". The tour takes you through the famous "Quadrate" (squares), tells tales of the "Planken", and finally leads you to the second largest baroque palace in Europe, where you will learn of even more inventions. Scoff and scorn, awe and wonder: sometimes they lie very close together.


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