In the morning, take in the latest exhibition in one of Mannheim's many museums. At lunchtime, stroll through the French market and sample some of the delicacies from our neighbouring country. In the evening, say goodbye to time for a while at a concert. A day in Mannheim is often too short to experience the many cultural events and happenings the city has to offer.

Mannheim is one of the most culturally diverse and active cities in Germany. For people who like to go out, celebrate and enjoy, the city has an enormous amount to offer. International and varied culinary experiences, culture in all its forms and a vibrant nightlife make you want to discover Mannheim, day and night. You can still find some great insider tips too.

Mannheim's event calendar is packed full, all year round. International superstars are frequent guests in the city. Elton John, Madonna and Helene Fischer have all given legendary sold-out concerts at Mannheim's SAP Arena. The largest event hall in Baden-Württemberg not only regularly hosts major music events but is also a significant sports venue. Nothing is as exciting as a thrilling ice hockey match starring the Adler Mannheim or a fiercely competitive handball contest featuring the Rhein-Neckar-Löwen. You simply have to experience this unique atmosphere!

Mannheim lives and loves music - not for nothing was the city ennobled in 2014 as "UNESCO City of Music". From pop and techno to classical and jazz: events that are known across Europe make Mannheim a flagship of successful music culture. Every year, thousands of people come to the City of Squares to take part in popular festivals like the "Maifeld Derby", "Time Warp" or "Enjoy Jazz". The annual festival held at the Baroque Palace also offers music for all tastes. Cabaret artists, musicians and artists transform the "Ehrenhof" into a huge stage. In May, the whole city comes together in one massive party as hundreds of thousands of people celebrate the "Stadtfest" in Mannheim's city centre each year.

Kids have plenty to enjoy as well. The "Kinderfest" features a giant adventure playground to make children's hearts beat faster. One of the world's oldest film festivals is also held annually in Mannheim. For almost 70 years, the International Film Festival Mannheim-Heidelberg has been inspiring people with extraordinary films from all over the world. Less profound, but all the more delicious are the street food festivals, which are a true culinary delight. For lovers of open-air markets, the city hosts 15 different weekly markets offering fresh and regional delicacies.

Treasures large and small can be discovered at the "Krempelmarkt", the most famous flea market in Mannheim. During the Advent season, there are three large Christmas markets in the city. Whether at the "Wasserturm", on the "Kapuzinerplanken" or the "Paradeplatz", all three of them exude their own unmistakable charm. There is something worth exploring and discovering all year round. Whether exhibition or theatre, festival or sporting event, concert series or neighbourhood festival - Mannheim has plenty to offer for every occasion and every mood: all you need to do is choose.

A short stroll from the city's main boulevards is the Friedrichsplatz. Under the arcades you can find another compact shopping paradise, which specialises in less mainstream products. Exclusive fashion, interior design, delicatessens, tableware, coffee-table books, antiques and art can all be found here. No matter what you are looking for, whether for yourself or for your loved ones, from a modest gift to outrageous luxury, from a unique niche product to a celebrated bargain - Mannheim leaves nothing to be desired.